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Don Pablo Cuatro Puerto Rico With Bag DP-4WB

Don Pablo Cuatro Puerto Rico With Bag DP-4WB

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Cuatro "Don Pablo" with Bag. Puerto Rico's national instrument. The cuatro is the most popular of the Puerto Rican "orquesta jíbara". The Puerto Rican cuatro has ten strings in five courses, tuned in fourths from low to high, with B and E in octaves and A, D and G in unisons: B3 B2, E4 E3, A3 A3, D4 D4, G4 G4.

Some famous performers of the cuatro are: Edwin Colón Zayas, Yomo Toro and Maso Rivera. The most recent prominent use of the cuatro was in Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's 2017 hit single "Despacito".

Envíos para EU solo se realizaran al adquirí el estuche tipo maleta que se vende por separado.

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