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Dp Set 3 Panderos Set PR Flag Design with Bag

Dp Set 3 Panderos Set PR Flag Design with Bag

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Pleneras Set "Don Pablo". The "Don Pablo" Pleneras set is designed and tested by Musical Instruments Artisans. Also known as "pandereta plenera", "pandero plenero" or "plenera". They are a set of hand drums from Puerto Rico usually performed in plena music. There are three sizes: 1) primo or requinto (for giving solos), 2) segundo or seguidor (for giving a fixed rhythm) and 3) tercero o bajo (for giving a fixed rhythm). An advantage of this percussion arrangement is its portability, contributing to the plena's spontaneous appearance at social gatherings. 

Puerto Rican plena music originated in Ponce, Puerto Rico but currently is played throughout the island. The barrios Trastalleres, Santurce; San Antón, Ponce; and Trastalleres, Mayaguez are considered "hotbeds" of Plena performers. Plena is played throughout Puerto Rico during the Christmas season, festivals, sports events, and as the musical backdrop for civic protests. 

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