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Gemini Wall Mount Weatherproof Bluetooth 4” Speakers GHSI-W400BT

Gemini Wall Mount Weatherproof Bluetooth 4” Speakers GHSI-W400BT

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WEATHERPROOF AUDIO EXCELLENCE: IP44 rated for enduring outdoor conditions, these speakers are ideal for any weather, fitting perfectly for outdoor speakers waterproof needs. Their robust design ensures longevity in varied outdoor environments.


All-Weather Wall Mount Bluetooth Speakers

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Bluetooth Streaming

Connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet within a 32-foot range. Stay informed with the LED status indicator on the speaker.

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Waterproof IP44

All-weather sound, suitable for year-round enjoyment, provides an immersive audioStay connected Withstand any conditions Multiple Applications Wireless Remote Included Multi-Stereo Orientation

Simple to set up and use

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1 - Connect speakers and power

Begin connecting passive speaker to active speaker using speaker wire. Now connect active speaker to power source using power adapter.

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2 - Turn on Active Speaker

Once everything is connected, press the power button on the active speaker to turn it on. The active speaker only has a power button.

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3 - Connect Bluetooth

Find Gemini GHSI-Model in Bluetooth list & connect. The speaker will chime to let you know you've successfully connected.

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4 - Play tunes and enjoy!

Now the fun part: Play tunes from supported device, sit back and enjoy

Technical Specs

Active/Passive 1 Active, 1 Passive: This speaker duo, comprising an active master and a passive companion, simplifies setup and ensures consistent quality across your outdoor space. Ideal for a surround sound feel in outdoor settings, they effortlessly become an integral part of your outdoor wall mount speakers setup or a discrete yet powerful outdoor speaker wall mount system.
Amplifier Type Class D: With a Class D amplifier, these speakers offer a compact, energy-efficient solution to outdoor audio without sacrificing sound quality. The amplifier's design is suited for prolonged use, ideal for outdoor powered speakers that fill your space with sound without draining energy resources.
LF and HF Driver Sizes 4" & .5" In Each Speaker: The 4” LF and .5” HF drivers are engineered to deliver clear and balanced sound, from the soothing low-end to the vibrant high-end frequencies. This makes them excellent choices for wireless speakers wall mount setups or outdoor bluetooth patio speakers, providing a seamless audio experience.
Total Peak Power 100W: These speakers can create a robust sound field, making them ideal for environments where space and power are at a premium, from outdoor speakers for patio use to indoor wireless speaker setups.
Inputs and Outputs: 1/8" (Auxiliary): The inclusion of 1/8" auxiliary inputs and outputs allows for simple, direct connections to your music sources, catering to both old-school aux cable enthusiasts and those preferring a sleek, wireless look with mountable speakers.
Bluetooth Bluetooth V4.1 extends beyond 30 feet, offering freedom of movement and seamless streaming. Whether it's for outdoor audio systems or as part of a home ceiling speaker system, this feature allows for a convenient and flexible listening experience.
Frequency Response The frequency response from 75hz to 20kHz ensures that these speakers capture a wide array of sounds, suitable for outdoor sound system for patio environments or as a part of ceiling speakers systems where clarity across all frequencies is desired.
Max Peak SPL @ 1 Meter An SPL of 84dB means these speakers are capable of delivering clear audio in a variety of outdoor and indoor settings, suitable for everything from an outdoor stereo speakers system to white bluetooth speakers that blend in with their surroundings.
Enclosure Material The durable ABS cabinet with an aluminum grill means these speakers are both weather-resistant and stylish, perfect for weatherproof outdoor speakers that need to withstand diverse conditions.
Mounting Options With included brackets, these speakers offer versatile mounting options, whether you're looking for outdoor mountable bluetooth speakers, outdoor wall speakers, or even wireless in-ceiling speakers for a minimalistic design.
Weatherproof Rating An IP44 rating ensures these speakers are protected against the elements, making them a solid choice for any outside speakers waterproof setup or for wall speakers for home that might encounter the occasional splash.
Power Specs The 12V/2A power spec means these speakers are designed for efficiency, ideal for outdoor settings where power conservation is essential, and they're perfect as part of an outdoor speakers set that doesn't compromise on sound quality.

What's in the box

  • 1 Active Speaker + 1 Passive Speaker
  • Remote Control
  • 2 Wall Mounts
  • 26' Speaker Wire
  • Power Adapter
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